Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nightshirts for Boys?

You're probably wondering what Spanky from the Little Rascals has to do with boys' nightshirts. There is a connection, sort of. :)

Last year for a school project, Nick and Henry painted dinosaurs on T-shirts using fabric paint. The shirts are about 2 sizes too big and very soft, so one night I suggested they sleep in them. Ever since, if the tees are clean, that's what the boys want to sleep in. They like them for the comfort and because they are easy to put on.

Searching online for actual nightshirts for boys, I found a few UK brands. But among American retailers, I couldn't find a single one. Probably because of concerns related to fire safety. Most pjs today are snug fitting so they won't easily catch fire. But I saw plenty of nightgowns for girls in my search that met US flammability standards, so nightshirts for boys aren't out of the realm of possibility.

It would be nice to have another option for my boys besides the standard two-piece or footed pajamas. I'd definitely buy nightshirts for them. How about you? Would your boy wear one? Is there a market for boys' nightshirts? Or have these gone the way of knickers and beanies?

I for one think the Little Rascal look is kind of cute, which is why I just had to post this adorable picture of Spanky--an unboring boy if ever there was one.

p.s. While shopping, have you run across any nightshirts for boys? Tell me where!


Sebastian said...

I have two links for you. And one's in the UK, so it may be what you know...

The other one is Irish, it's at

I wish I'd been introduced to them earlier (I discovered the nightshirt myself at 22, although I had a relative who wore them, I never asked him where he got them), and if I ever had boys, I'll introduce them to the nightshirt, definitely.

As for the US inflamability laws (which also apply to Canada, and I think Australia does likewise)...there was one company that sold girls' nightgowns that got around the sleepwear laws it by calling them...."cotton playdresses." They're the type that can theoretically be confused for a dress if not for the texture, etc, so it works.

Sue G. said...

My 4 year-old son asked recently if he could wear a long shirt to bed and I told him that boys sometimes wear long shirts called "night shirts," and would he like me to get him some? He is excited for me to get a few for him so I'm looking around now for ones in dark colors. They can be marketed for girls, that won't bother me. I found your post while I was looking for some called that but if I don't find any that suit me/him, I will look at shortish nightgowns, too.

julie said...

I live in US and I also have not been able to find any nightshirts for my boys. There are lots of them for men, women, girls, but none for boys. I think that may be I should just learn to sew and make them for my boys, lol.