Friday, January 9, 2009

Not Your Common Toboggan: Hats from ThatFunkyBoutique

There's a lot about winter I don't like: icy roads, germs, being stuck inside. One thing I love: outerwear. Maybe it's from growing up in south Florida, where I owned maybe one sweater as a child, but I am obsessed with winterwear.

There's nothing cuter than my boys all bundled up in coats, mittens and scarves on a snowy day. I especially love hats, and ThatFunkyBoutique's hats for boys are the cutest I've seen this year.

Each is funky, unique, and hand made from recycled 100 percent wool sweaters lined with comfy fleece. Our favorite is the Black Deer hat (above) but there are other adorable hats to choose from in their collection. We dig the vintage look and fun details, like tassels and patchwork and quirky shapes, that make each piece special. If you haven't gotten your unboring boy a winter hat yet (hurry, it's getting cold!), or if you're looking for a boys' hat with more personality, check out ThatFunkyBoutique.

Giveaway update: Congratulations to Natalie from Maine who won the free Times Square t-shirt from TotStops (featured previously on the blog). Thanks to all our readers who participated and to TotStops for being a sponsor. Just a reminder that all readers who sign up for e-mail updates from us are automatically entered in our giveaways! So sign-up! We promise not to harass you with junk mail and it's a great way to stay up to date with what's happening on the blog.

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