Monday, April 27, 2009

Georgie World Closed

As a fan of Georgie World, I was sad to hear that they were no longer in business because of "the souring economy and the new CPSIA regulations.*"

Many small boutiques and designers are struggling to make ends meet these days. We're all feeling the pinch, spending less and smarter.

If you do have extra money to spend on your unboring boy, please consider the boutiques featured here. They never forget the boys, many offer discounts to readers, and they do appreciate the sales.

Unboring Boys wishes the best to Bethany Herwegh, owner of Georige World. Hopefully she will continue her work in boys' fashion and we will see her designs again one day.

*If you are not aware, the new CPSIA regulations will have a significant impact on small/boutique/home-based businesses, many of them mom-owned, that make and sell children's products, including apparel. For a comprehensive overview, visit the Handmade Toy Alliance website.

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