Sunday, June 28, 2009

Featured Designer: Bobinette

Sure. You could buy another polo for your boy this summer, but WHY, when Bobinette's shirts are more versatile and way cuter?! There's nothing boring or uniform-ish about the Buckaroo shirt, above, an offbeat blend of western style and madras summer-ness. We love, love, love Bobinette's gingham pieces as well as the Oscar Blue Swirls shirt. Each piece is full of spunk and personality, yet equally at home on the playground, at Sunday school, or at your cousin's backyard wedding.

Recently we spoke to Bobinette's owner Lorraine Le Tac about her designs.

Unboring Boys: What inspired you to mostly focus on boys' clothing?

Lorraine Le Tac: My son, Spencer, was born 7 years ago. We lived in New York City at the time and even though New York is a fashion mecca, all the baby boys' clothes I found were fairly conservative and unoriginal. I would ask my mom, who lives in Paris, to send me fun and colorful clothing for Spencer. He was the best dressed baby on the block! That is when it all started. I have a 2-year-old boy, Matisse, also, so I have twice the reason to keep designing boys' clothing.

Unboring Boys: What inspires your designs?

Lorraine: Everything and anything. I have found inspiration in fashion, home decor, architecture, photography and simply in the nature that surrounds us. I am particularly fond of anything from India, Asia, Africa and North Africa--colors, patterns, culture and food.

Unboring Boys: How do you go about choosing certain fabrics and prints?

Lorraine: Color and patterns guide me. I love stripes, checks, polka dots and plaids, so I always try and incorporate them in a creative way in my designs. I like to create unexpected combinations, mixing checks and polka dots, for example. And of course, I am always attracted to "exotic" prints from India or African batiks, madras, woodblock prints, and the like.

Unboring Boys: What are the unique challenges you have faced and continue to face as a designer of primarily boys' clothes and accessories?

Lorraine: Designing for boys is challenging because there is so much you can create around shirts, t-shirts, pants and shorts. Boys' clothing should first be comfortable and easy to wear. Additionally, I want them to be stylish. For me, everything is in the details--a button or a snap, a small pocket, a trim. Quality is also essential. That is why I choose mainly natural fibers like cotton and linen.

Thanks Lorraine, for taking the time to answer our questions! Get a peek at Bobinette's amazing fall/winter 2009 line on their website. Also the new spring/summer 2010 collection will be introduced at trade shows starting in August. Lorraine promises "more eye-catching prints, as well as a few surprises!" See Bobinette's list of retailers here.

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