Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SnackTAXI Reusable Eco-friendly Snack Bags

Right after school started, I realized I was using way too many little plastic zipper bags to pack my boys' lunches. I felt guilty, because we all know where those bags go: to the landfills, where it takes a gazillion years for them to break down and even then tiny, toxic bits of them remain in soil and water.

That's why I was so exited to come across SnackTAXI's reusable snack and sandwich bags. Each SnackTAXI bag can eliminate the use of 1000 zipper bags, which makes them both eco- and wallet-friendly. The bags are made in the U.S., are washable, and are 100% cotton with a nylon lining that is free of lead and phthalates. The quality is excellent for the money ($6.95-8.95 ea.) and Velcro closures make it easy for little hands to open. Did I mention they are way cooler than boring plastic zipper bags?

SnackTAXI bags come in great prints that will appeal to boys, including the Jungle Jumble print, above. I also love the Signs of the Times and Fly by Day bags, but there are prints to fit every personality. Check out all the pretty styles for moms, too.

One lucky Unboring Boys reader will win a 2 piece set of SnackTAXI bags including a Sign of the Times sandwich bag and a Groovy Guitar snack bag! Just visit www.SnackTAXI.com then e-mail unboringboys@yahoo.com with the phrase SNACKTAXI in the subject line and tell us how many lunches owner Erin Kelly-Dill packs in a year. We'll draw a winner at random November 10th. U.S. residents only, please. Good luck!

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