Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cool Stocking Stuffers for Boys

I always struggle to come up with unique items to put in my boys' Christmas stockings, so this year I turned to Etsy, "Your Place to Buy and Sell All Things Handmade," for ideas and found a ton of fabulous, handcrafted, and affordable little stocking stuffers that my boys will go crazy over!

Nick and Henry love I Spy books, so these custom I Spy bags ($14.50 ea.) from Violet , above, will be a huge hit. As the bag is manipulated, little plastic beads shift around to reveal little objects in the window. What a great way to entertain your child during car trips or while waiting at the doctor's office. (Note: not recommended for children under 3). Just for Unboring Boys readers! Receive a 10 percent discount off orders through December 20th. Just notify in a "message to seller" that you saw the I Spy bags on the blog.

For little readers (and their crafty moms), I love the do-it-yourself Rascally Robots personalized booklet, bookmark, book plate and tag set ($6) from the GoMakeMe shop. Simply edit and print from PDFs for cute personalized (and last minute) gifts. Also I really dig the superhero tags ($4.25) from the Whats Eating Yin shop that are made of recycled comic books and can be used as cool bookmarks.

If your unboring boy loves robots, he'll enjoy the adorable Wooden Matching Memory game--Robot edition ($16.00) from LemonTreeStudio, which comes in a cute drawstring pouch.

Tops are always a fun stocking stuffer especially if they are as beautiful as the little hand-turned maple ones seen here from Esty seller UrbanTurn.

Finally, if your boy is obsessed with diecast cars like mine are, consider a handmade car caddy from Mimimommieandme ($7.50 ea.) that he can use to tote a few favorite cars with him wherever he goes.

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Lizzie said...

great ideas! thanks - this is the last thing I needed to look for and the "stocking" ailse at target just didn't have what i was looking for.