Tuesday, April 20, 2010

For Aspiring Novelists: Tell Me a Story Notebooks from EarthHugs

OK, I know this "Tell Me a Story" mac & cheese notebook from EarthHugs has Pokemon creatures on it (what are Pokemon, anyway?), but read on before you start thinking Unboring Boys has gone over to the dark side of licensed characters.

There are three really cool things about this notebook I want to tell you about.

1) It's made with a recycled mac & cheese box and recycled paper, making it earth-friendly.

2) It's expressly designed for story writing: "Each ruled page is faced by a blank page for young writers to draw a picture that accompanies their journal entry or story." How clever is that?!

3) A mom of two started EarthHugs as a family business that her two kids, ages 6 & 8, could be involved in. Owner Wendi says, "I started it with my kids to help teach them about recycling/upcycling, and also to help teach them some of the fundamentals about business. They are thrilled helping me to assemble the books and also when we get a new heart or facebook fan!"

EarthHugs carries a fun collection of notebooks in different sizes, including a cute Trix Doodle Diary from a mini cereal box, for 3-5 bucks. If you have a struggling or reluctant writer, one of these might just be the motivation they need to start writing their literary masterpiece.

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Jilly said...

What a great idea! I love journals and my boys are getting into them too. This is a fun and unique way to get them to write or draw. Gotta get me one of those!