Monday, May 17, 2010

Cool Graphic Tees from Mini Shatsu

Over the years, I've seen a lot of boys' t-shirts, and my reaction to most of them is meh. Because most of them feature the same old tired motifs: cars, sports numbers, dinosaurs. I'm not against dinosaurs or soccer balls--just as long as the designer does something fresh with them.

Once in a while I run across a tee (or tees) that make me think, "Now, that's cool!" And that's what happened when I saw Mini Shatsu's 80s inspired collection of graphic tees & twofers featuring guitars, microphones, old school turntables, cameras, balloon animals and even a fanny pack (sized 3 mos.-8)!

For fall/winter 2010, Mini Shatsu (Shatsu means "shirt" in Japanese) is introducing denim jeans, corduroy and French terry pants, and jackets along with their popular tees and hoodies, including my favorite, the Alien Abduction hoodie, right (this is the back view). Seriously, how cute is this hoodie???! (click on the pic for a closer look). For a list of retailers click here.

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