Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Make it Personal with Hopscotch Tees

My boys are really into anything personalized right now. So I was excited to come across Hopscotch tees, which takes personalization to a whole new level.

Seattle mom and designer, Shana Perrina, has created an awesome collection of boys' tees that can be personalized with not only your son's name, but his town and even the year he was born! So even if you live in, say, a nondescript suburb like we do, having the name on a shirt will make it seem like a pretty fab place.

Our favorite is the Roboman, left, ($22-27 depending on size and sleeve length) but we also love the Tackle Shop tee. Hopscotch tees are available in infant sizes (the perfect baby shower gift!) up to adult!

Hopscotch tees are 100 percent cotton & made in the U.S. My unboring boy adores his RobomanNick shirt and wears it all the time. It washes up great, and it never fails to get a reaction when we're out and about. The shirts do run small, so I would order a size up to make sure it won't be outgrown for a while, since it will definitely become a favorite.

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Mee a Bee said...

These are so cool! I see they ship internationally as well - great!