Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fab Find at H & M

Cars are one of those done to death themes in boys' fashion. But because we are a car loving family (there's a classic Mustang in our garage) I'll consider anything with cars on it, though I draw the line at NASCAR and Lightening McQueen.

I LOVE when boys' clothing designers create something different or unique around cars. That's why I practically squealed in H & M when I saw this cute little set.

The shirt looks like something a service station attendant of old might wear. It comes with a white long sleeved T-shirt underneath for a layered look. There are two separate pieces, so you get two shirts for the price of one. Both are 100 percent cotton and unbelievably soft, like they've been washed a million times.

My boys liked the checkered flags and flaming tire patches. I'm generally not a fan of big graphics on the back of shirts (this one has a race car with the words "Gonna Give it all I've Got"). I wish they had kept it off. But overall, it's a cute piece for $16.90.

The pants are what caught my eye. These definitely have a Euro look and feel to them. I love the race cars all over. And it's done in a fun, subtle pattern that won't raise Dad's eyebrows. As a plus, the pants have an inside adjustable waist. 100 percent cotton as well. $19.90

What I love about this outfit, besides the cool factor and low price, is that it demonstrates that it is possible for designers to create something distinctive and unboring for boys using a stock theme like cars. And that's my main gripe. If you're going to use fire engines, construction vehicles or sports numbers in your designs, at least be creative. Experiment with color and pattern. Take a risk.

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