Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Unboring Boys

Let's face it, girls' clothes are cuter than boys'. Walk into any children's apparel store and boys' fashion is limited to sweat pants and jeans, polo shirts and T-shirts printed with baseballs, sports numbers, fire engines, superheroes...the list of overused ideas goes on and on.

After my twin boys--Henry and Nick--were born, I was determined to dress them in simple and classic or in unique and sometimes unusual styles. It wasn't easy. That's because department stores and chains sell the same old boring uninspired stuff.

Frustrated, I set out to find the coolest, hippest, most unique and adorable head-turning outfits to dress my boys in. Five years later, I still shop for fun and uncommon things for them to wear.

It came to me that maybe other moms of unboring boys felt like I did about the (sad) state of boys' fashion and would benefit from a blog on the topic. Each week, I'll discuss new trends (in sizes newborn and up); highlight favorite retailers, designers and boutiques; share discoveries; alert you to sales; and more. Probably, I'll want to complain a little too.

I want to hear your ideas and viewpoints! If you have a favorite boutique, retailer or designer, (or if you're a designer or boutique owner yourself specializing in cool boys clothes and/or accessories) let me know. Post a comment!


Anonymous said...


I would agree that cute boy clothes are hard to come by. I would note that probably b/c of you (I have purchased many of your things on e-bay) I am always in search of great things for my little guy to wear (and cannot resist) when I come upon great clothes (either gently used or new).

I look forward to keeping up on your blog.


Anonymous said...

I am also inspired now to buy cute clothes for Ethan! The site I told you about is http://www.pumpkinpatchusa.com/. It's not a great website but the store is better.